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Waterproof Connector Is How To Play A Role In Stopping It?

- Nov 27, 2017 -

The waterproof joint comprises a screw sleeve with an inner hole, the outer periphery of the screw sleeve has a first external thread and a second external thread, a fastening nut is screwed on the first external thread, a waterproof sealing ring is arranged in the internal hole, The utility model is characterized in that the inner hole is also provided with a compression bushing, the inner end of the compression bushing is inserted in the hole on the outer periphery of the waterproof sealing ring and the inner hole A plurality of circular arc grooves are arranged on the outer annular end face of the pressing bush, the inner end face of the annular shoulder on the outer end of the fastening nut has a plurality of inward protruding bumps, and the fastening nut is tightened State, the outer annular end surface of the compression sleeve and the inner end surface of the annular shoulder of the fastening nut are in close contact with each other, and the bumps are located in the circular arc groove. Waterproof sealing ring to a pressure bushing a reaction force, so that the compact bushing in the arc groove locking nut on the bump, to prevent the body due to vibration nut screw loose, play to stop Role.

The waterproof joint comprises a waterproof bolt and a waterproof nut. The waterproof bolt comprises a hollow external thread connecting piece, a boss arranged in the middle of the external thread connecting piece, a clamping claw arranged at one end of the external thread connecting piece, A plurality of first stopping blocks are arranged, a plurality of claws are arranged at intervals apart from one end of the clamping claw away from the boss, a gap is formed between two adjacent claws, the waterproof screw nut comprises a hollow and provided with an internal thread And a cap-shaped head extending downwards from the lower end of the main body, a plurality of second position-limiting blocks are arranged on the end face of the main body at intervals, a plurality of stoppers are arranged on the inner wall of the cap-shaped head at intervals, and the waterproof nut is screwed into the external thread The upper end face of the waterproof nut body is in contact with the lower end face of the waterproof bolt boss, each first limit clamp block is located between two adjacent second limit clamp blocks, and each of the stop blocks is clamped into the clamp In the gap between two adjacent claws, the waterproof nut can be prevented from sliding and teething.

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