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Waterproof Connector Connection

- Oct 16, 2018 -

For example, if you want to install an outdoor light fixture, in order to look better, choose to have no obstruction to install it, then this is a test of lamps and connectors on rainy days. There must be a high budget in terms of cost, because the purchase of an outdoor waterproof connector and a complete set of electrical equipment, its price is not low. Mainly there must be practical effects. I believe that the technology of outdoor waterproof connectors is very mature. Although each manufacturer is different, the technical problems are different. In general, the outdoor waterproof connector must be achieved during the use of the safety performance, and the quality of the waterproof is also very important.

The waterproof connector is connected to different wires, so the transmission efficiency will be significantly improved. From the perspective of the connector, there will be more and more technical standards and advantages in all aspects. Only by seeing the features and advantages of the design, we will always know that the features and functions will be more distinctive, and achieve better and better results in design. All this is in the process of using the link. Only then can you see how the effect works. Master the function and effect of the connection, and feel that the function will be more and more perfect when installing and using.

For ordinary male and female injection-molded joints, the waterproof grade is IP65/IP66, which is suitable for most LED outdoor wiring requirements. After most domestic engineering case tests, assembled waterproof joints, the waterproof connector has a waterproof rating of IP67, and is also suitable for The injection molded male and female pairs have a locking nut at the end of the joint.

The waterproof connector for led wall washers is processed with high-quality materials, so it is obviously improved in terms of environmental protection and safety factor. When it is launched in many electrical materials markets, it is felt that the advantages are The more it is, the better it is to see the safety and environmental protection effects. In terms of processing, it can be seen that the highlights and characteristics of its connectors are diversified, and the choices brought to customers Very satisfied. When analyzing the structural characteristics and technical aspects of the waterproof connector, it is very good in terms of safety and environmental protection, and meets the national quality requirements.

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