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Waterproof Connector Common Performance Standards Have?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Waterproof connector common performance standards have?


Waterproof connector that is waterproof plug, waterproof line, is in a water environment to ensure normal and safe power, signal transmission, widely used in LED outdoor, automation equipment, ships, military fields, then I buy the waterproof connector What areas need to pay attention to performance?

Waterproof power connector common environmental performance indicators include temperature, humidity, salt spray resistance, vibration and impact resistance.

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Currently the maximum connector operating temperature is 200oC (except for high temperature special connector), the minimum temperature of -65oC. Because the connector work, the current heat at the contact point, leading to temperature rise, it is generally considered that the operating temperature should be equal to the ambient temperature plus the junction temperature.


Moisture intrusion on the connector insulation performance, easy to rust metal parts. Constant hot and humid test conditions for the relative humidity of 95% (according to product specifications, up to 98%), the temperature is +40 ± 20oC, the test time by the product at least 96h. Alternating hot and humid test is more stringent.

salt spray.

Connectors in moisture and salt containing environment work, the metal structure, the contact surface plating is very electrochemical corrosion, affecting the connector's physical and electrical properties. Salt spray test is to hang the connector in a temperature-controlled chamber, with a predetermined concentration of sodium chloride solution sprayed with compressed air to form a salt spray atmosphere, the exposure time by the product specification, at least 48h.

resistance to vibration and impact.

Vibration and shock resistance is an important performance of electrical connectors, especially important in aerospace, railway and road transport in special applications. It is an important indicator of the mechanical structure of electrical connectors and the reliability of electrical contact .

other environmental performance.

According to the requirements of the use, the electrical connector of other environmental performance as well as sealing (air leakage, liquid pressure), liquid impregnation (for specific liquid resistance to abuse ability) and low pressure.

Kenhon technology waterproof connector to meet the domestic standard waterproof, IP67 standard. PBT shell material products, electrical performance is stable, high strength anti-pressure, high temperature, antiknock, corrosion resistance; contact point is gold, to ensure reliable connection, with high corrosion resistance and conductivity, and effective response to current Temperature changes.

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