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Waterproof Connector Applications More And More Broad? What Are The Main Areas Of Application?

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Waterproof connector or waterproof plug, also known as waterproof cable, is applied to the water or the environment which, under certain water pressure to ensure that the connector internal mechanical properties, electrical performance can be used normally connector. This is the definition of the original waterproof connector, with the development of technology, waterproof connector is more and more widely used, not only used in outdoor waterproof environment, all kinds of automation equipment, bicycle automatic lock, solar panels, air conditioners and other fields Also used for signal wire connections.

M15 waterproof wire connector plugs (1).jpg

 Now we live a lot of things will use electricity, but more or less charged things will have some impact on our safety, so waterproof is very important, waterproof connector can be applied to water environment, it has excellent sealing performance , Reliable waterproof performance. For example, if some devices are to enter the water or installed in the water, then using the waterproof connector can not worry about the connector due to water, especially with more chemicals into the water and damage the mechanical equipment.


It has a wide range of applications, and I need waterproof connectors in many areas like industrial environments such as LED lighting, urban outdoor lighting, lighthouses, cruise ships, aviation, industrial equipment, cables, water sprinklers, etc. Need to use waterproof connector. Due to strict requirements of the military applications, extensive use of waterproof connectors, such as submarine connectors, submarine-launched missiles connector. The company is located in:


In addition to the industrial environment, the well-known shared bicycles are also used waterproof cable, as well as air conditioning, aquariums, refrigerators and other industries are in widespread use, the current Kenhong new M12 waterproof connector is designed for air conditioners, aquarium , By the client's favor. Not only from the material, appearance, workmanship, etc. are in strict accordance with the needs of the market, customer needs, Copper wire production using strong tensile strength, solid gold plated copper terminals, ten years professional waterproof line manufacturers, by the majority of new and old customers trust!

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