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Waterproof Assembly Connector Is IP68-compliant

- Aug 21, 2018 -

The waterproof T-series can be connected to existing circular assembly connectors on the market. The T-series features a one-piece collet for error-free installation and an optimised mechanism for reliable locking. This provides for higher mating cycles and, thanks to the special well-design and environmental protection and high-quality construction materials, T type waterproof connector has the advantage of moisture resistance, dustproof and high temperature resistance. The product T type waterproof assembly connector waterproof level is reached IP68, and it is widely used in LED, industrial, mechanical adapters, etc.


With the optimised cable sealing, the installation of the waterproof connector is more robust, faster and less risky. Kenhon has been focusing on the waterproof connector industry for ten years. The products of Kenhon were scientifically designed and raw material is high quality which is ensure the reliability of the products and solve the urgent needs of users so as to won the appreciation of users.

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