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T Connector Waterproof Electrical Connectors And Two Wire 2pin Screw/Lock Type For Outdoor Lighting

- Dec 15, 2017 -

Optimized T-tee waterproof connector to enhance waterproof performance


In the highly competitive wire industry, wire material and performance played an irreplaceable decisive role, but in the actual construction environment, or to take full account of the negative impact caused by adverse conditions, especially the rain on the wire security Damage can not be ignored, and in the T type waterproof connector widening the scope of the application, then fundamentally avoided the emergence of security risks, which enhance the safety of outdoor lighting project is essential.

M12 waterproof power plug (3).jpg

Familiar with the installation process

Taking into account the installation of outdoor cables is relatively demanding requirements in the practical application of T-tee waterproof connector, you need to be more familiar with its installation process, to ensure good water resistance can play its due role, which is through After a long period of construction experience to master the skills, after all, the outdoor construction conditions are relatively poor, any details of the mistakes will cause the loss of waterproof performance.

Improve water awareness

Although the current wire performance and quality has been fully improved, but the face of adverse conditions of use, or to give full play to the performance advantages of T-type three-way waterproof connector, after all, the waterproof connection of the wire connection is crucial, If the construction staff lack of rational knowledge in this area, it is difficult to ensure that the performance advantages of waterproof plugs can be demonstrated under the same conditions. I believe this will play a positive role in the future development of the wire rod industry.

Meet the complex waterproof needs

The use of stable performance of the wire and waterproof T-tee waterproof connectors, outdoor construction effect will be more obvious under the environment, which is waterproof plug in the fierce competition in the market stand out from the fundamental reasons.


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