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Stage Lighting Why Waterproof Connector?

- Nov 27, 2017 -

With the gradual popularization of LED market, various types of markets, waterproof connectors are constantly moving all over the world arena, line-to-line, wire-to-board, RJ45 wire to board connectors are being constantly used in various types of stage lighting, sensors, outdoor LED Display, etc., why the stage lighting cable connection to use waterproof connector? First of all, the stage is often lapped in all kinds of stadiums, squares and other open-air occasions, and the performance time is often relatively inflexible, and may be accompanied by rainy day, under such circumstances, without the use of waterproof connectors, , Then there may be a short circuit, leakage situation, and may cause dangerous situations, then why should choose waterproof connector?

First of all, waterproof connector is specialized application of various types of LED display and LED lights, with long-term application and practical experience, hold a large number of optional products;

Second, it is very easy to connect and disassemble and can be reused many times.

Finally, there are two types of cable glands, assembled and watertight.

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