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Shenzhen Kenhon Technology Quality Professional Staff To Ensure That The Quality Of Waterproof Plugs

- Jan 08, 2018 -

Shenzhen Kenhon technology quality professional staff to ensure that the quality of waterproof plugs


Shenzhen Kenhon Technology is a professional manufacturer of waterproof plugs for ten years. At present, the products developed by our company include waterproof plugs, waterproof plug plugs, waterproof connectors, waterproof connecting plugs, non-detachable waterproof plug plugs,T Type three-way waterproof connector, waterproof signal line, waterproof power cord, LED street light waterproof line, LED guardrail waterproof line, LED street light waterproof plug line, car waterproof fuse box and other specifications. All products are IP65-IP68 waterproof level.


The following is the company's quality manager Mr. Deng training product knowledge, the product is the soul of manufacturers, only to make high-quality products to high-quality based on the community, Kenhon Technology since its establishment, has been strictly controlled products quality. By the majority of new and old customers favorite, in order to develop so far. After we will be based on the development of the market not only in product quality excellence, will also focus on exterior design, waterproof plugs to do the industry benchmarking companies.

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