• How To Choose a Reliable Waterproof Connector?
    Post time: Dec-16-2021

    The times are constantly evolving, and more and more people are embarking on the road of self-employment. Many people find the development prospects of the waterproof connector market encouraging. Therefore, more and more people choose this industry and go to work. However, for entrepreneurs, it ...Read more »

  • Some Development Trends Of Waterproof Plugs
    Post time: Dec-16-2021

    With the development of society, the demand for power equipment is increasing. Waterproof plugs are used to connect circuits, which may be very common in the days of signal, and people use them very much. Whether it’s home appliances, public places, or industry, you can see waterproof plugs...Read more »

  • Do you know the waterproof rating test requirements
    Post time: Dec-14-2021

    First of all, we need to know that IP68 waterproof connector is widely used in our daily life, such as water level recorder, water quality monitoring, LED street lamp, lighthouse, cruise ship, sprinkler, industrial equipment, etc., and other even can provide safe and reliable connection in harsh ...Read more »

  • Procedure for installation of waterproof plug
    Post time: Dec-14-2021

    The waterproof plug can be pulled out in a moment, because the connection between the built-in spring and the lid, make it moves quickly, and the safety of the plug scheme can be greatly improved.  Some of outside plugs without this spring and lid, it is easy to arrange dust and other materials i...Read more »

  • What to look out for when using the M12 connector
    Post time: Dec-09-2021

    The previous M12 connector can often meet a lot of social problems, such as in those damp, water content is relatively large, the traditional M12 connector can not be used, the performance is not good, will affect life, at this time how can we solve it?Gradually, the m12 connector upgraded versio...Read more »

  • What can waterproof connectors do
    Post time: Dec-08-2021

    Waterproof connector than the previous products have a great development, whether from the characteristics of the goods or at all levels, are very good!As a result, waterproof connectors are becoming more common. First of all, waterproof connector is actually a kind of electronic technology profe...Read more »

  • How to choose the waterproof connector of LED display
    Post time: Dec-08-2021

    As the outdoor environment in China is more severe than the indoor environment, hot weather and heavy rain can be seen for a long time. Therefore, in the enterprise to choose the waterproof connector of LED display, we should also choose anti-high temperature, not only look at the specification, ...Read more »

  • Waterproof connectors have a lot to do with life
    Post time: Dec-04-2021

    Transmission is used for signal transmission, which is currently the main feature of our users and is generally considered waterproof connectors. The shape of waterproof joints is generally not fixed, and different shapes will appear in different environments. While we may think that the signal a...Read more »

  • Waterproof connectors in real life applications
    Post time: Dec-03-2021

    Waterproof connectors common sense and maintenance tips: Do you know the common sense of waterproof connectors? Frankly speaking, the cable waterproof connector is a kind of rf connector with moisture-proof performance. The product technology is widely used in LED lighting, lamp drive system, po...Read more »

  • No electric shock when pulling the plug in the water! What is the principle of waterproof socket?
    Post time: Jan-11-2021

    Recently, a piece of news caused a sensation: Pulling the plug in the water does not get an electric shock: The Chengdu guy has built a socket that is not afraid of water, and the order has exceeded 50 million yuan. So, what is a waterproof socket? What is the principle of waterproof socket? Wh...Read more »

  • Where is the rf direction of the waterproof plug?
    Post time: Dec-18-2020

        In recent years, electric power companies have developed at a relatively fast speed. From stores to well-known brands, there are many products for all kinds of electronic components and power circuits, and there are even more consumer groups to choose from. In the power enterprise project inv...Read more »

  • Post time: Dec-05-2020

         With the increase of cable engineering, the high quality electrode connection line will have higher service life requirement.After all, this is a key factor that affects the actual effect and level of the connection, but affects the output of the manufacturer of the waterproof plug      A le...Read more »