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Mounting , Connecting Options And Special Wiring

- Aug 21, 2018 -

Mounting , Connecting Options and Special Wiring

Another part of the customization process involves choosing from a variety of mounting options and connection methods. Receptable shell options include flange mount, panel mount, back panel mount, board mount, and SAE or metric threading. For couplers, select internally threaded, externally threaded, or an adapter option to provide flexibility in either style. Accessories such as closure caps, panel gaskets, and O-rings are also available.

These many possibilities for cable connection and mounting enable ultimate design flexibility in custom molded connectors and cordsets, and allow users to select the individual components best suited for fast installation, low maintenance, ease of service, enhanced environmental resistance, high performance, and long lifetimes.                                                                                                

Fully custom molded connectors and cordsets can easily be produced with special wiring configurations designed to suit the requirements of a specific application. Special wiring options include parallel wiring, series wiring, combination wiring (in which one side is parallel and the other is series), interlocking circuit wiring, and customer-specified wiring.




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