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Matters Needing Attention In The Design Of Waterproof Connectors

- Aug 13, 2018 -

In recent years, the market for waterproof connectors is expanding day by day. In order to meet the needs of the market, more and more types of waterproof connectors are designed, and when designing connectors, there are many things need to pay attention. The notification of connector designed as following.

Components and Parts

The first thing to design a product is to understand its parts and what it does, and then introduce them.


The selection of materials is also very fastidious. People need to choose temperature and oil resistant plastic materials. And when selecting cable material and waterproof glue, people need to take into account the characteristics, costs, quality certification, etc.

Design Verification

After the product design is completed, a waterproof verification is required. After verification, it is also need a product whitepaper.


Waterproof connectors are characterized by a small variety, and the cooperation between traders and suppliers of waterproof connectors is generally not getting better and better. Therefore, when in developing a design, special consideration should be given to the compatibility of the manufacturers to avoid a series of problems caused by changing suppliers in the future.

Safety and Part Number

Initially understand that waterproof rubber and rubber materials are not easy to obtain UL certification, but the overall product must at least obtain UL certification so as   to open up the export market. In addition, when building the part number, you need to consider the cost of applying for safety.

Complete Design

Generally, waterproof connectors need to be locked to reach waterproof, so when developing products, the plate end, the plug end, and the waterproof cover need to be included in the design.


The quantity of waterproof connector is small, so it is recommended to use change core as far as possible to open the mold so as to save the cost of die, that is to say, try to make common mold.

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