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Material Choices For Coupling Nuts And Receptacle Bodies

- Aug 22, 2018 -

Five materials commonly used for coupling nuts and receptacle bodies are:

·         Anodized aluminum, which is good for most industrial applications

·         Stainless steel, which is ideal for severely corrosive environments

·         Non-metallic, which is best suited for mildly corrosive applications

·         Nickel-plated brass, which is corrosion-resistant and conforms to EMC requirements

·         PEEK™ polymers, which are ideal for applications with high temperatures or high water pressure


The working environment of each industry is different, so the requirements for wire materials are different, so Kenhon technology co., ltd. reminds the customers who want to buy wire materials to buy appropriate wire materials according to their environment. Finally, I hope you can buy the products you are satisfied with.


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