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Manufacturers Supply Solar Street Light Controller Waterproof Connector Line

- Sep 07, 2018 -

Manufacturers supply solar street light controller waterproof connector line

Solar street light is a very popular market in recent years, as the country support of environmental protection industry, environmental protection and energy saving industry got a spurt of growth and the solar controller is emerging markets in the past two years, Kenhon is industry research and development of LED street light waterproof connector line manufacturers, with a lot of street lamp, controller manufacturers a lot cooperation supply waterproof public bus, rapid water joint line, etc., well received by the market

Shenzhen Kenhon Technology CO., LTD. supplies the waterproof joint line of solar street lamp controller, solar intelligent controller, street lamp controller, MPPT controller and household off-grid inverter of all kinds of waterproof bus line, miniature waterproof joint, medium waterproof plug line, and produces all kinds of solar panel waterproof line, waterproof extension line and so on.

We can customize waterproof connector types in depth, PVC connector/nylon rubber core connector/all-nylon waterproof plug, all kinds of solid needle waterproof plug, hollow needle waterproof connector wire, welcome to contact with us.


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