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Kenhon Technology To Take You To Re-recognize The Waterproof Plug

- Dec 16, 2017 -

Kenhon technology to take you to re-recognize the waterproof plug


Mentioned waterproof plug, as the name suggests is to achieve a waterproof plug, now life, everywhere need to use waterproof plugs, with everyone's awareness of safety, in the kitchen, bathroom, smart appliances, outdoor, new energy Products, etc., as is now used in smart air conditioning at home is the need to use waterproof plugs, and now the appliance tends to be intelligent. Just waterproof plug to meet this stringent requirements. And waterproof plug can provide two functions of power and signal in one, and now the ordinary power cord of home appliances can not be achieved. After the place is also slowly replace part of the power cord, there is a possibility to replace the DC line.

                          Y type waterproof connector (3).jpg

Our Kenhon technology is specialized in the production of waterproof plug as one of the production-oriented enterprises. It is also a trend to meet the current development. Make a contribution in the wire industry!


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