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IP68 Waterproof Plug Can Run In The Sea?

- Dec 18, 2017 -

IP68 waterproof plug can run in the sea?


With the rapid development of modern science and technology, all walks of life to product quality and application requirements increasingly high, such as our waterproof plug, under normal circumstances are used indoors or outdoors, indoor use of waterproof and dustproof level in the IP65 this range It is enough, outdoor use level generally in the IP66-IP67 range, is able to splash water and occasionally soaked in water, occasionally soaked in water or can not meet market demand, such as some waterproof plugs need to run in the sea, need long-term water, and But also anti-shock, anti-stress, this situation we usually recommend customers to use waterproof level up to IP68 waterproof plugs, there are many users have questions, is not waterproof IP68 can be freely used in the sea, in fact, not in the sea can detect The normal operation of the depth of 3-5 meters, the deepest 50 meters, but at present no any company can detect the depth of 50 meters, Kenhon technology to remind users when choosing waterproof plugs must be based on the application environment to choose!

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