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Street Lamps Reflect The Installation Of F-type Waterproof Street Lamp Power Connector Performance Advantages

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Street lamps reflect the installation of F-type waterproof street lamp power connector performance advantages


In many lighting system safety requirements, outdoor waterproof performance is essential, especially in the installation of street lights, the power cord connection is relatively large, if the F-type street light power waterproof plug is not widely used , There is no guarantee that different waterproof requirements will be fully satisfied. This is also the application efficiency that needs to be improved under complex construction environment. After all, this has a positive effect on the safety of the enhanced street lamp.

F type waterproof electrical connector plug (2).jpgF type waterproof electrical connector plug (2).jpg

Adapt to the construction conditions

Street lamps installed facing the construction conditions is extremely poor, especially after the installation is completed, the use of water-proof rainy day is a core element can not be ignored, and F-type street lamp waterproof plug is widely used, the realization of the entire Street lighting system power supply safety improved, I believe this is the lamp management department is very crucial, but the premise is to gradually adapt to the complex construction conditions, in order to ensure that the performance advantages of waterproof plugs are intuitively reflected.

Simplify the construction process

Taking into account the outdoor conditions under the installation and construction of street lights need to streamline the process to achieve, so the choice of plug connectors in the road, you can play F-type waterproof street lamp power connector performance advantages, after all, its performance on the water is obvious advantages , But also to simplify the middle part of the construction process, which can play a decisive role in improving the installation efficiency and speeding up the progress of the project.

Broaden the installation channels

It is not difficult to see that only give full play to the water-proof F-type waterproof power plug waterproof effect, in order to ensure the safety of street lighting is protected, after all, the outdoor environment is inevitable to be affected by the invasion of rain, waterproof plug is achieved Full line security protection.

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