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In The Rainy Season, Outdoor Lighting Projects In The Signal Line And How To Waterproof The Connection?

- Jan 09, 2018 -


In the rainy season, outdoor lighting projects in the signal line and how to waterproof the connection?


The development of society to promote the rapid development of lighting industry, outdoor lighting has become a matter of course, what is outdoor lighting, in general, outdoor lighting is divided into: Chinese lamps, landscape lamps, garden lights, pole lights, camera lights , Flood light, street light, LED street light, solar light, wind and solar street lights, stadium lights, wall lights, LED patch lights, LED wall washer!

Do not look at them all are single, but it is an indispensable part of outdoor lighting and people's life, let's see below:

Outdoor lighting project installation signal lines and lighting connections how waterproof?

Signal line at the end of the connection lamps, in order to achieve waterproof and ensure signal stability. Generally handled as follows: Lamp male and female on the wiring manufacturers according to certain rules to the lamp leads to the line, as long as the manufacturers provide "installation diagram" lights and lights can be connected end to end. Male and female pairs of wiring easy to operate, and has excellent waterproofing effect. However, when we are docking, we must pay attention to the following points, or fail to waterproof the effect of damage to lamps and lanterns.

(1) When the lamp is fixed and the male and female are docked, first check whether the silicone sealing ring on the utility wire is in good condition. So the ring off, you can not reach the waterproof effect.

(2) Male and female jacks at the wiring at the notch, when docking must be aligned gap! Otherwise, not only male and female on the wiring connection is not on, but also plug bad male and female wiring, resulting in power or signal can not be passed to the next lamp .

(3) There is a cap on the male line, and the female and male lines must be tightened and screwed up after screwing it. Otherwise, it will not be possible to seal the joint between the bus and the busbar.

(4) (all outdoor) male and female after the connection to the wiring is completed, wrapping waterproof tape. To achieve the best waterproof effect. (You can also hit the public line before the docking in the neutral high-quality glass plastic, and then docking the male and female lines)

(5) bare single bus or a single bus, be sure to wrap with waterproof tape.


 3+6 small waterproof wire connectors (2).jpg


Outdoor lighting project installation network cable and the male and female headlines how to connect in order to maintain smooth signal, and the follow-up will not appear at the phase place loosening and fracture, affecting the signal?

Signal line with the lamp plug line docking, the single-line network with multiple strands of sheath line can refer to the connection in the figure below: First, the multi-strand wire tightly wrapped in a single network cable, and finally the single-wire cable thread Return to the tightly wound position. Pay particular attention to is that the network cable is relatively thin, easy to break in the wiring process, so stripping professional tools to use, the length of 3-5 cm exposed, heat shrink tubing on the first end of the wiring network cable to the lamp Signal line more around a few laps, the signal line dip tin processing, heat shrink tube back to the wiring at the heating, to solve the network cable and signal line instability problems.


3+6 small waterproof wire connectors (3).jpg 


  In addition, the network cable and the lamp comes with male and female head line connection can refer to the following two conventional ways:

(1) with screw threaded fittings.

Advantages: the connection is firm, not easy to break;

Disadvantages: Need to manually tighten the connector, because it is manual, there is time-consuming and labor-intensive conditions, resulting in poor connection problems.




(2) snap-in connector.

Advantages: easy to operate;

Disadvantages: waterproof and connection stability is closely related to the production of joints, once the size and other errors, there will be water seepage and other issues.

In order to keep the signal smooth, to prevent loosening of the wire connector parts and oxidation fracture, wire can be placed on the tin position after confirming the correct wiring. Finally, all the wiring positions are first wrapped with insulating tape, and then wrapped with waterproof electrical tape for the final waterproof protection.

3+6 small waterproof wire connectors (5).jpg


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