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Improper Waterproof Connectors Can Ruin The Machine

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Improper waterproof connectors can ruin the machine


Waterproof connector, as its name implies, is used to connect the power supply between devices to achieve waterproofing effect. Usually used in the LED. However, many kinds of waterproof connectors, different types of waterproof connectors have different uses, but also have different adaptation. People tend to focus only on the connections, but do not pay attention to his other functions, so if the improper use of waterproof connectors will ruin a machine, in order to prevent these unnecessary situations we need more attention.

M6 mini waterproof connectors (2).jpg

Professionals mainly from the waterproof connector shell, size, material quality and other aspects to choose, then the connector on the panel should also take into account the appearance. Connectors are usually composed of plugs and sockets, the most common is our LED display light, it can be said that the popularity of connectors in people's lives. However, common waterproof connectors are generally used to protect the insulation shell to do it. In some complex and extreme working environment, the usual connector is difficult to ensure the safety of the equipment, so to design a waterproof connector. For example, in an underwater environment, if the most traditional connector is still used, water can invade the circuit and cause damage to the device. So many LED waterproof connectors are used to connect. But have to say is that waterproof connectors will be divided into many types, different types also have different uses of the environment. As we Kenhon electronic waterproof connector contains a drag more type connector, F connector, T connector, waterproof, connectors and so on.


The street lights in the city are outside, and they are often affected by wind and rain. The waterproof connector plays a very important role. If there is no waterproof connector, then the next rain lamp is bad. loss. Another example, when people use the laptop, accidentally poured coffee into the computer to the internal components of the harm, if there is a waterproof connector, it will play a very good protection effect on the parts do not have to worry about damage.

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