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How To Order A Waterproof Plug With A Line

- Oct 04, 2018 -

Most of the current market use is a male and female waterproof plug with a line, which is generally used for the guardrail tube and the connection of the light bar, and has outdoor waterproof function.

How to order plastic male and female waterproof plugs?

First: determine the cable material

Such as PVC wire, rubber wire, silicone wire, PUR wire, UV wire, etc.

Second: determine the number of cores and core size

Such as: 2x0.5mm2, 3x0.5mm2, 2x0.75mm2+2x0.3mm2, etc.

Third: select the appropriate waterproof plug according to the size of the wire diameter

Such as: M14 standard -03, M19 won the standard -01

Fourth: determine the length of the strip

Such as: male head 200mm female head 200mm

Fifth: determine the tail processing

Such as: tail peeling 20mm, dip tin 3mm

Sixth: other special customization

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