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How To Identify The Waterproof Material?

- Dec 14, 2017 -

How to identify the waterproof material?


For the waterproof line, the quality of the material will affect the use of the effect, we now understand how to identify the waterproof line material?


Nylon waterproof line: This waterproof line toughness, chemical stability, but nylon waterproof line is not waterproof, easily lead to moisture leakage; there is a high temperature nylon waterproof line, this waterproof line has high strength and toughness, chemical The nature of stability, good scalability, but it is not moisture-proof.

                        M27 waterproof electrical wire connectors (3).jpg                 



Polyester waterproof line: This waterproof line is not easy to absorb moisture, chemical stability, easy oxidation corrosion, but not drop, fragile, and the cost is high.

PPS waterproof line: This waterproof line for toughness, good ductility, but also fragile, high cost.

The above is the choice of materials for the waterproof line, we should be appropriate for the characteristics of their choice. This is to avoid the process because they do not understand the quality problems.

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