How to choose waterproof connector manufacturers

There are many waterproof connector manufacturers on the market at present, but how should we choose high-quality connector manufacturers? As an advanced waterproof connector user, plus the experience of many peers around me, I teach you how to choose a manufacturer.

1.Stable supply capacity.

First of all, let’s take a look to buy waterproof connector manufacturers have no stable supply capacity, we usually early for safety consideration is to buy a small number, but if the manufacturer connector quality, performance, when you decide to buy a large number of manufacturers, but because of capacity and other reasons can not be delivered on time how to do. Therefore, when we determine which manufacturers want to know their supply capacity (capacity), can ensure the batch purchase of stable late supply manufacturers for their own use.

2. The quality can be guaranteed.

Everyone will buy the waterproof connector, because it is good waterproof performance, quick and convenient wiring, but if the manufacturer of the waterproof ability you choose less than expected demand indicate the IP67 waterproof connector, in fact, IP44 level equivalent to somebody else, and connections are not convenient, poor connectivity, so be sure to ensure that the product of manufacturer of high quality.

3.Manufacturers pay attention to details.

There is a reason why the saying “the devil is in the details” applies to waterproof connectors, and you must choose not to pay attention to the details when manufacturing and selling shipping manufacturers.For example, connectors are carelessly carefully packaged. Does the connector product manufacturer have no appearance defects? Is the customer service of the manufacturer and meticulous service enthusiastic? Of course, if you have the opportunity to visit the factory, you can see more details. For example, we can see the atmosphere in the manufacturer’s workshop, the attitude of workers, etc., and we can also see the toilet hygiene of the factory (why do many people say to see this?). If the toilet is clean in manufacturer factory, it can at least explain the complete scientific and reasonable management system of manufacturer.

4.Manufacturers have good service and integrity.

When everyone is in a waterproof connector manufacturers pay special attention to its service and integrity, considerate service to choose, so manufacturers after-sales service does not reach the designated position, is not in time of trouble, but if manufacturers chose the dishonest, this is the arrival of the goods delivery, say what good effect has not been dispatched cargo spare parts literally dragged before the end of the year, So we chose the connector manufacturer in service and integrity is very important.

5.equitable price.

We choose waterproof connector manufacturer or buy the relative price of the product, however, the price of the connector on the market at present is uneven, as consumers, they can’t understand the difference between different models in the same price, of course, the general price difference is caused by different materials and technology costs as a result, the connector manufacturer’s pricing is very important, If the manufacturer’s price is the same as the other manufacturer’s, don’t choose it.

6.Choose the manufacturer from the official website.

At present, China’s main waterproof connector manufacturers have established their own official website. Official websites can learn about a manufacturer’s product line, manufacturer profiles, contact information, and even an entry point to an online store, but if you don’t have an official website, don’t go to it.

7.Shop to see manufacturers.

We can also see the manufacturer’s summary from the manufacturer’s online shop. What is the score of the manufacturer’s online shop? We can see the connector manufacturer’s direct comments on products in the connector manufacturer’s online store, such as sales volume, user comments, chart comments and so on.

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Post time: Jan-10-2022