How to choose 5pins waterproof plug?

For those who are not familiar with the various power industries, there are always all kinds of problems when purchasing such a small part, especially when there are certain connections, many questions need to be asked carefully about the part, for example, when we connect the plug, we need to connect many different lines at the same time.¬†Many people don’t know how to buy parts. In fact, can solve a part, namely the 5P waterproof plug. If you want to choose this small part, you need to consider not only size, but also safety.

1.The size of the waterproof connector.

In general, plug connections are the safest and fastest way to make electrical connections. Many people like to use this efficient method of connection, but must purchase plug parts. Note the same size as the connection points we normally use, i.e., parts that can be effectively connected at the time of purchase.

2.Water resistance of waterproof connector.

Since we need to connect lines in many different environments, it is recommended to use 5P waterproof plugs outdoors or where there is water. Be sure to pass 100% testing before selling the plug. The material is also very waterproof to ensure the safety of our line while connecting.

3.waterproof connector manufacturer.

We usually buy waterproof 5P plugs from various manufacturers, but the quality varies. If we want good waterproof performance and have been rigorously tested by large manufacturers, please log on to Jianhong Technology Co., LTD. On the official website, please order this product. Not only many types, but also quality assurance.

Post time: Jan-10-2022