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For LED Waterproof Connector, How To Distinguish The Quality Of Products

- Jan 04, 2018 -

For LED waterproof connector, how to distinguish the quality of products

Recently, rain from north to south, Shenzhen rainy weather also lasted about a week, this weather we often need to check the connection of outdoor LED lights, whether in our daily life or outdoor LED, a wide range of applications, how the next LED weatherproof LED light it, LED waterproof connector is not only waterproof and dustproof and quick and easy installation, is a modern LED outdoor, aquariums, automatic equipment, sprinklers, cars, bicycles, ships and other fields widely used products. LED waterproof connector due to superior performance and fast application areas will be wider and wider.


Then choose a high-quality LED waterproof connector?

First of all, when we choose the LED waterproof connector generally from the following aspects to consider.

First: waterproof connector must first meet the relevant electrical, installation, connection, insulation, protection and other technical standards, which is the basis for choice.

Second: see the structural principle design, structural design is very important. If the waterproof, connecting the more advanced design of the principle, it has been a winner, if you choose the outdated structure of the principle of design, even in the manufacturing process of good quality control, but often in reliability, outdoor long-term weathering protect, etc. are not as good as the new generation of products more reliable.

Third: Select LED waterproof connector can not only look at the standard, should go beyond the standard, pay attention to the practical application of the situation encountered. Because the LED industry connector design and production of some of the selected standards are actually drawn from other industries over, because the industry application time is short, many of the terms do not meet and meet the rapidly changing LED industry requirements, such as the aging of the material Assessment, but generally speaking, in line with the use of outdoor projects, but how to define, is to see UL yellow card or test prevail, the life of the outdoor project is based on the project manufacturer's commercial contract or a recognized "technical use Life expectancy, "which directly affect the material selection and design of the product, but also contributed to a wide variety of LED connector materials, in addition, the requirements of individual standard terms is still relatively low, that is, the threshold of quality is very low, resulting in A variety of home workshops are free to produce, some of the test standard is in the "standard static environment" to test, often after a project accident, to retest connectors found to be based on the standard or why, because of laboratory testing Have chosen the standard terms and standard environment, and application of the environment of the thousands of different environments , Such as the connector M16 cable glands on the cable gripping force and torque resistance requirements, the standard only said that the tensile strength of 80N, torque value greater than 0.45Nm However, the actual use of the connector there may be artificially violent pull and twist So that the actual data may be about standard, and this force is maintained between two connectors for a long time. After prolonged outdoor use, it often results in the connector not being watertight or broken.

F type waterproof electrical connector plug (3).jpg

Fourth: see waterproof connector factory production quality control system. Connector company to do a good pair of connectors to provide the test is very easy, you can get a good test scores, but to the factory you will find that there is no raw material testing standards, the finished product is not required to test the factory, the repair and testing of substandard products No procedures, etc., have affected the quality of the product assembly, that is to say only to achieve one hundred percent qualified, did not do a thousand, extremely qualified. In the long run, good quality system control and even lighting manufacturers choose the most important reference connector manufacturers, otherwise it will "lose big." In general, enterprises with large production scale and technical testing equipment have a higher level of product quality control and stability. Enterprises such as Quick-Contact, a national-level outdoor connector testing center, place more emphasis on product quality.


Fifth: to see the tolerance of assembly tolerance control accuracy. Because the waterproof connector often involves connection, waterproof, male and female contact with the need to have a high precision requirements of size, high-end and low-end connector at first glance almost appearance, structure, But how do you take the time to carefully measure the mating dimensions of many pairs of connectors with a caliper? The poor fit varies greatly in size, ie, the stability of the connection is not guaranteed and the consistency of the batch is poor.

Shenzhen Kenhon technology waterproof connectors have a professional quality control department strict control of product quality, product excellence, LED waterproof connector stability, water resistance to IP65-Ip68 waterproof standards to meet the stringent requirements of Taiwan's customers of products, Welcome new and old customers to visit the factory!




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