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Electrical Waterproof Connector Is Safety And Watertight

- Aug 14, 2018 -

Water and electricity do not mix. Having a waterproof shore power cable set is of vital importance to the safety of boaters and their watercraft. Kenhon’s M20 T type electrical waterproof connector models incorporate a molded design, Nylon and PVC material, to ensure reliable waterproofing and superior durability.

The 20A connector with LED "Power-ON" Indicator features a high intensity light that glows bright green when power is on. This makes it easy to verify if shore power connections carry live current. Active cables can be observed quickly and effortlessly, even in daylight.

M20 electrical waterproof connector uses copper plating terminations for more secure connections, improved conductivity and longer life. Unlike brass crimps, they protect against internal overheating and burnout. M20 waterproof connector has good function, convenient fixing and excellent quality. The butt tightened connection method assures secure and watertight contact.

Kenhon offers waterproof cables, waterproof plugs and waterproof connectors. Kenhon products fulfill ROHS requirements and have CE approval.

To ensure safety, boaters should periodically inspect their shore power cable sets for cuts or cracks and bent, damaged or loose plug blades. Blades and connector slots should be checked for signs of overheating or arcing. Preventing cords from being pinched by a closed door or hatch and never leaving a cord tightly coiled are also practices which can help protect boaters and their equipment.

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