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Difference Between Waterproof Cable And Water Blocking Cable

- Nov 27, 2017 -

What is a waterproof cable? Waterproof cable, mainly refers to prevent water from entering the interior of the cable structure, is used in the cable sheath with a waterproof structure and materials. JHS waterproof cable also belongs to a soft rubber cable, the insulation is rubber insulation, and ordinary rubber cables, JHS waterproof cable is often used to move, but it is in the water or some will pass through the water The place. The company is located in:

Waterproof cables are generally 3 core, most of them are connected to the pump when used, waterproof cable prices will be more expensive than ordinary rubber cables, it is difficult to distinguish between the appearance of waterproof, you need to consult the seller side Waterproof layer can be learned. Recently more rain, we can still normal life, waterproof cable contributed. Then you know the waterproof cable? So, what is a waterproof cable? Usually we are talking about the waterproof cable generally refers to the diving line, which is dedicated pump cable, model JHS. Rubber sheathed cable is also waterproof, but not professional waterproof, but wire and cable have different meaning of waterproof. First of all, not all cables are waterproof, anti-non-waterproof is determined by the laying of the cable environment, in general, waterproof cable included in the river channel or laid in the sea cable. Such cables generally have a longitudinal waterproof barrier, generally armored.

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