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Custom Packaging And Kitting Of Molded Connectors

- Aug 09, 2018 -

Custom Packaging and Kitting of Molded connectors

Molded connectors and wire assembly solutions can also be custom packaged, packaged and labeled. Packaging options may include heat sealed packaging to ensure that all contents are held together, resealable packaging to allow access to individual components, and bulk packaging for storage in inventory. Custom parts can group multiple components under a single SKU to enhance organization, reduce packaging material usage, reduce inventory and order errors, and increase overall efficiency. In addition, custom labels with barcodes, logos, shelf locations, content lists, and item numbers enhance organizational and brand consistency.

Customization allows customers to mix and match components from a variety of materials, installation, connectivity, wiring, packaging, companion and labeling options to develop molded connectors or wire sets that are perfectly suited to the specific application needs. Depending on the level of customization required and the cost of the application and components, it is often a more cost effective solution than would be expected.

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