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Custom Effects Connectors And Cordsets Offer Numerous Advantages

- Aug 09, 2018 -

Custom effects connectors and cordsets offer numerous advantages

Molded connectors and wire assemblies are often used with sensors and control devices that require easy disconnection. Molded connector and wire assembly solutions are widely available, but standard products are not always fully compliant with the application. In these cases, some custom elements are needed.

Custom molded connectors and wire assemblies are easier to install, require less maintenance, are more reliable, and have precise application-specific performance. Moreover, while many people think that customization is always expensive, that simply isn’t the case.

Sometimes simple, inexpensive changes, such as modifying inventory products with minor changes, can create products that are ideally suited for the application. More changes involved may include changes to standard product materials, threading, plating, personal labeling, packaging and matching. These changes are not costly, but they can make a big difference. Manufacturers can also design fully customized products to meet unique application specifications. This option is the most complex, but when considering application costs and not just component costs, even full customization can prove cost-effective.

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