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Contact Plating - Connector's Umbrella

- Nov 27, 2017 -

The connector is an important electronic component, and in the marketplace we find that essentially all connector surfaces have a special coating. People who are not familiar with electronic technology will be for a while, what is the role of this layer coating?


Since copper alloys are the contact shrapnel material for most electrical connectors, copper alloys are more susceptible to corrosion. Therefore, the contact coating has played a role in preventing copper corrosion, separated from contact with copper and the working environment. Not only that, but also make the coating material in the harmful working environment is not damaged. Another major consideration is optimizing the interface.

2. Improve the mechanical properties

The mechanical properties that can effectively affect the durability of the coating material and the environment in which it operates include hardness, ductility, and coefficient of friction of the coating material. These factors also affect the wear resistance and cohesion of the coating.

3 to improve electrical performance

Electrical connector performance is to establish and maintain a stable connector resistance, and the metal coating is just to provide an inherent stability, and can occur in the contact with the avoidance and split. And put forward the difference between precious metal and ordinary metal.

The use of precious metal plating is to maintain the stability of the contact interface impedance, but pay attention to keep the contact surface noble metal to prevent the external factors.

Common materials commonly used metal coating is tin or tin alloy. Because of the often covered oxide film, when this layer of oxide is easily destroyed during mating, the metal contact is easily established.

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