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Connector Manufacturer Awareness Growth

- Aug 13, 2018 -

cover these two elements

Much like the human eye and ears, electronic sensors can detect, measure, and report physical property data to enable electronic systems to react. All types of sensors are proliferating as they become a critical link between the conditions in the physical world and the electronic devices that utilize the resulting data to monitor and/or respond.

Our world is full of sensors and there are more sensors on the road. The ubiquitous smartphone can contain up to 14 sensors for advanced features such as HD video, biometric ID and face recognition. The automotive market is an electronic sensor. If a collision is detected, many other sensors manage the transmission and are ready to trigger the airbag immediately. Has one of the biggest applications. Driver-assisted new cars add more sensors, while fully self-driving cars require a new class of internal and external sensors that must operate with extreme reliability in a variety of challenging environments. These sensors work well and good wires work.


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