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Cause And Analysis Of Cable Quality Problem On Fire

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Cable material impure or unqualified, the cable core with copper conductor or aluminum conductor impure, processing cable core conductor material should be high quality electrolytic copper or electrolytic aluminum version, first made of round wire, after pickling treatment , In the multi-channel processing into the provisions of the diameter of bare copper (or bare aluminum) conductor, and then through the bright vacuum annealing qualified core wire forest, through the multi-winding or insulation layer, shielding, sheath and other processes For cable products, due to impure material, impurities and more, so that its conductivity decreased.

Cable core conductor nominal cross-section does not meet the requirements. Cable factory processing core interface smaller than the nominal interface, the unit current density is too large, want to lead to abnormal heat, resulting in cable fire.

Insulation material composition does not meet the requirements and processing is poor, the result of the cable in operation withstand the pressure drop, insulation resistance unqualified, easy to accelerate the aging and cracking, easy to make the cable appear phase short circuit and ground fault.

Cable production process poor, some cable manufacturers in the cable production process is not strictly according to process operation, or some poor manufacturing conditions manufacturers, shoddy, will lead to the decline in cable quality,

Improper transportation is damage to the cable. The originally qualified cable appears improperly transported, loaded and unloaded, causing the cable to be crushed or struck. The inner core is damaged and the insulation is damaged.

In short, the electrical equipment on the cable line running online, only the choice of good quality original, according to the rules of installation, rational use, timely maintenance, strengthening fire awareness, sound fire extinguishing system and installation of advanced fire prevention and alarm device, the cable will reduce the fire .

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