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The selection of this kind of equipment not only dealt with the plug problems, but also dealt with the problems related to the cable connection of the air bag ignition control module and the problems of the new anti-oblique plug circular waterproof plug socket. The former is a round waterproof plug dedicated to the design of firework data signal equipment in the car. The design scheme is very small, including data signal filtering device, when the round waterproof plug is increased or pulled out of the air bag, the use of a unique short point contact can prevent the formation of the air bag careless opening due to parasitic data signal typing, so the selection of excellent safety mobile phone use procedures, promote the connection more disorderly.

To the car internal wiring installation, if the circular waterproof plug plug is not good will form a common fault, in order to deal with, design technical engineers developed a variety of locking equipment such as spring locks.Use the spring lock, when the round waterproof plug two half of the plug together at that time, play yellow equipment will be reduced, if the plug is appropriate, the spring lock will be two aviation plug integrated, if not completely plug in time, play yellow will open two half, the connection is not successful.

Due to the use of camshaft, the circular waterproof plug can reduce the increase of force by 55%, and the assembly line is simple, reliability is also very good

Car use waterproof connector

In addition to unlocking equipment, can use a plug-in drive gear camshaft and guide slide block and other auxiliary equipment to simplify a large round waterproof plug plug processing technology.This type of device enables the circular waterproof plug to receive a fluid power from the assembly line when it is inserted. With this type of device, the secondary operating handle or slide bar cannot be actuated.

Circular waterproof plug is used for automobile industry. Car outside and module cover right circular waterproof plug electric contact sealing is very critical, if willing to low price, high reliability, the assembly line is very easy to submerged circular waterproof plug, electric contact sealing problem, it is necessary to close or more feet in the system software, choose hydraulic seal gasket sealing ring or porous structure. However, with these two hydraulic seals, it is necessary to use sealing holes to increase terminals, which means that a round or rectangular box terminal must cross a ring sealing hole. In order to prevent cable bending, it is necessary to operate the generating force of the terminal.

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