M6 Waterproof Connector For Automobile Cable

Product Details

M6 waterproof connector for automobile cable Factory Price


This M6 waterproof connector for automobile cable assemblies designed based on customer drawing, plastic shell with palstic nut. Even the space on connector is quite limited, We still try to show the arrow about the locak point for customer better assembling. The molded materials can be PVC or PUR. Related IP67, IP68 waterproof standard for M8, M12, M16 series all available. Also the metal type connector meet 360° EMI shielding.

Our Services

 We have developed a tradition of high-tech engineering, prototyping, and quality Custom Cable Assembly manufacturing at very competitive pricing. Also with professional flow chart (wire cutting-stripping-copper twisting-crimping-crimping 100% inspection-soldering-molding-asssembling-braiding-testing-FQC100% -OQC) , which can help us support customers with stable quality.

Showcase of M6 IP67 2-6P Waterproof Connector

Kenhon wire assemblies for various industries have been highly recognized by all the customers and widely used for automobiles, electrical and mechanical, medical industry and electrical equipemnts, etc. Products like, wire harness for car audio, power seat, rear-view mirror, POS ATM, Diesel valve Cover gasket fit, elevator, game machine, medical equipment, computer, etc.



1. Special sampling production line, also with fully-equipped internal tooling department for SR, connector, plastic part, or any other tooling parts


2. Provide harness design assistance, rapid in-house prototyping(CAD, SOLIDWORK), also accept flexible Qty, even including working round-the-clock to meet tight turning-round time requirements.


3. Save customer cost, produce with good quanlity and provide excellent service are what we are always doing.