M16 Waterproof Connector Electrical Connector

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M16 Waterproof Connector Electrical Connector

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2 Pin M16 Waterproof Connector The Electrical Wire connector consists of a fixed-end electrical connector (ie socket) and a free-end electrical connector (ie plug). The socket is fixed to the electrical component through its square (or round) disk, and the plug is generally connected to the cable, and the plug and the socket are connected by connecting the nut.

The connector is composed of three basic units: a housing, an insulator and a contact body.

Among them, the pin jack is the general name of the contact body, which is divided into welding type, crimp type and wrap type, etc., to realize circuit connection.

The pin jack is a key component of the electrical connector and directly affects the reliability of the electrical connector. Most of the pin jacks are made of elastic copper alloy with good electrical conductivity. The surface is plated with silver and gold to achieve small contact resistance and corrosion resistance. The jacks generally have a slotted jack, a wire spring jack, a crown spring jack, and a punch jack.

The structural features are: environmental resistance, bayonet type (fast) connection, multi-key position (error-proof insertion), contact body and wire crimp connection, (single feed is easy to handle). The casing and shield ring ensure 360° electromagnetic interference shielding capability. ° EMI shielding capability.

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