M12 LED Lighting Waterproof Connector

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The M12 has many styles and USES.Our company is specialized in producing all kinds of waterproof wire and plug.Our products are suitable for various electronic industries, and our waterproof line has high safety performance and good quality.If you have special needs, we can also customize the style you need.Please feel free to let us know if you are interested in our products.

The working environment of each industry is different, so the requirements for wire materials are different, so Kenhon technology co., ltd. reminds the customers who want to buy wire materials to buy appropriate wire materials according to their environment. Finally, I hope you can buy the products you are satisfied with.

Product Specification

Location: Guangdong,China
Company Name: KENHON
Product Name:

M12 Outdoor LED Lighting 2 Pin Waterproof

 Connector Cable

Color: Black
Material: PA66/Nylon
Port: Shenzhen
Lead Time: 10-15 Days

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