IP68 M15 Waterproof Connector

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 IP68 M15 Waterproof Connector

Product Description & Specification

Product Specification Description Product Specification Description
Temperature Range  -20C~85℃ Temperature Range  -20C~85℃
Connector Body  Nylon+GF,or TPU Connector Body  Nylon+GF,or TPU
Contact Resistance s10mQ Contact Resistance s10mQ
Insulation Resistance  ≥100 MQ at 500V DC Insulation Resistance  ≥100 MQ at 500V DC
Breakdown Voltage 500V 1Minute(s5 A) Breakdown Voltage 500V 1Minute(s5 A)
Contact Gold plated Brass Contact Gold plated Brass
Screw Nut Plastic Nylon +GF Screw Nut Plastic Nylon +GF
Waterproof Rate  IP66,IP67,IP68 Waterproof Rate  IP66,IP67,IP68

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Q1: Are you a manufacturer or Trading Company?
A1: We are a Singapore company with factory Kunshan, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.


Q2: How can I choose a product and get quotation?
A2: Usually you need to identify your below requirement:
1. IP Grade
2. Number of pins (if applies)
3. Maximum current for each pin (if applies)
4. Wire length (if applies)
5. Fire-proof grade (if applies, default grade will be UL94V2, although we may provide you higher grade as a bonus)
6. Any other requirement
7. Quantity you need to order
8. Delivery term (we provide FOB Shanghai or CIF any foreign city, before clearing foreign city custom)
List down above info and email to us, you will receive quotation within 24 hours


Q3: How's your product quality
A3: Our motto is "Quality First". We always strive to provide quality product at very competitive price for our customers. Customers are cordially welcomed to visit our factory for audit purpose.
We provide 5 year warranty for all our product, unless stated otherwise in our quotation.


Q4: Can I make multiple orders and combine shipment?
A4: Of course you can. We will arrange shipment per your request and in the best interest of our customers. Sometimes separate shipment is in fact faster and cheaper, we will let you know the detail reasons and have your understanding before shipment.