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Wire knowledge---Rubber Line

- Sep 21, 2018 -

Wire knowledge---Rubber Line

The rubber wire is also called a rubber sheathed wire, which is a double insulated wire; the outer skin and the insulating layer are made of rubber, and the conductor is pure copper. In the wire and cable industry, the insulation layer usually uses chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), and the temperature is between -40 ° C and 105 ° C. The performance of the rubber wire can only be used in low pressure and low frequency environments. With the development of the LED industry, more and more outdoor waterproof joints use a nylon + rubber line solution, which will greatly increase the life.


Rubber line


Use and characteristics


Rubber line is also called rubber cord or rubber power cord. Due to its resistance to temperature rise and fall, it is widely used in various fields.



Product Usage


Applicable to AC rated voltages of 300V/500V and 450/750V and below power equipment, household appliances, power tools, construction lighting and machine interiors require soft or mobile places for electrical connection or wiring.


Cable characteristics

1. The long-term allowable operating temperature of the cable should not exceed 105 °C.


Black and white rubber line

2. The cable has certain weather resistance and certain oil resistance. Suitable for outdoor or oily occasions.


3. The cable is flame retardant and meets the single vertical burning requirement of GB/T18380.1-2001.


4. When the cable is at 20 °C, the insulation resistance between the insulated cores is above 50 MΩKM.


5. Cables for electrical equipment and tools can withstand large mechanical external forces.


Product characteristics: rubber is very soft, good elasticity, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, UV resistance, good flexibility and high strength. This is not comparable to ordinary plastic wire.


Rubber line model


Rubber cords are available in different countries and each model corresponds to a certification.


Rubber line printing


Only after passing the certification will the conditions for importing the country be met. The following are common models:


China CCC Certification - YZ YZW, 60245 IEC57 YZW, 60245IEC 53YZ, YC YCW 345IE C66 YCW, YQ, YQW


European VDE certification - H03RN-F, H05RN-F, H05RR-F, HO7RN-F, S05RN-F, H03RT-H


American UL certification - SJ, SJO, SJOW, S, SO, SOW, SOOW, HPN, SJOOW, SOOW


Japan PSE certification - HHFF, PNCTFK.


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