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Why Choose KENHON

- Jan 07, 2019 -

Why Choose KENHON

Reasons for choosing Shenzhen Kenhon Technology Co., Ltd.

As the size of digital products becomes smaller and smaller, the accuracy and space requirements for connectors are becoming higher and higher, which has led to the continuous increase in the market share of connectors. In recent years, new connector manufacturers have emerged. The competition in the domestic connector market can be said to be very tragic. With the personalization of digital products, connectors must meet the needs of customers, and must follow the footsteps of the market. Today we will briefly discuss how to choose the connector manufacturers that suit their products.


As a connector part of the new product, you have to find a suitable manufacturer to supply yourself; how should the country choose one or two of these many connector manufacturers as partners? First of all, you need to understand the demand of the product. The ratio: current requirement, impedance, life, stability, and the way the product is assembled will be different. You should consider the approximate acceptable price range. .

In order to ensure reliable connector quality, stable performance, and timely delivery of products; also go to the factory to examine the scale, system, processing equipment, production capacity and research and development capabilities of the factory, which directly affect product quality and delivery capabilities and technical support. . Moreover, the size of the factory has a great impact on the price in addition to the production capacity. The large-scale production cost of the large-scale factory is more advantageous.


Kenhon Technology provides customers with high-quality services, fast proofing, fast delivery, quality and quantity, and worry-free after-sales service. Kenhon provides high-quality connectors.


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