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What is the characteristic and advantage of metal waterproof plug?

- May 28, 2018 -

At present, there are many types of waterproof plugs on the market. Waterproof plugs with metal heads are also new products developed in the past two years. The arrival of a new product is also the market demand. What are the advantages of this product?


1.Strong appearancemetal waterproof plugs are kept more often, so not only should they have good performance, but they must also ensure that they have a good appearance.

2. Easy to use: The weight is very light, which will also greatly reduce the construction load, you can use the least time to achieve the best work, which is where other similar products can not reach.

3. Strong corrosion resistance. As mentioned before, its material is nickel-plated stainless steel or brass, so it naturally increases its performance and corrosion resistance, but also to ensure its sealing performance.

4 high pressure, shock: high pressure is its must work environment, metal head waterproof plug, vibration is inevitable, so the earthquake must also be achieved, in practical work, it fully achieved this point, shock, and prevent dislocation.

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