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What is foolproof waterproof plug?

- Nov 27, 2017 -

I believe many people first heard "foolproof" waterproof connector will feel very surprised, what is the foolproof waterproof plug?

In fact, there is no waterproof connector called foolproof this type, but some customers in a device using multiple wires of the same specifications at the same time wiring, in order to prevent users pick the wrong, so the use of a variety of different types of plugs. This case is called a foolproof waterproof plug.

 Foolproof, that is, through the different joints, so that users in the use of the product, you can not think of the product can be used normally. In fact, this is very important, so that users can save a lot of time. The simplest case is the network port, when using routing, especially enterprise-class routing, due to the large number of lines, in order to distinguish which network port for which position, we usually in addition to the network port labeled, indicate the network Which position corresponds to the mouth. This happens only when the network anomalies, our IT maintenance staff can quickly find the location, troubleshooting. If there is no labeling, then this time, to be investigated will be extremely difficult. The use of tags on the foolproof effect.

Similarly, if more than one waterproof plug with the same specifications need to be docked at the same time, if for the sake of distinction, you can use the label form.

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