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What do you know about waterproof connectors

- Nov 19, 2018 -

Water and electricity are things we use a lot in our lives, and it's basically difficult for us to get away from them. But these two things are an "enemy" that can't be handled well and can lead to irreversible disaster. Countless blood lessons are warning us about the problem of safe electricity consumption.

  1. Production material cost

The production material cost of waterproof plug must first understand what materials are made of, which is generally made up of shell, rubber core and terminal. The manufacturer chooses the shell, plastic core and terminal made of high quality engineering plastics. As the cost of the manufacturer is relatively high, the sales price will be higher.

2. Production process cost

So the parts you experience of manual labor ZhuanPei, production machinery and equipment processing and testing instrument of testing before they can packaging sales, the process need manufacturers need to spend large amount of money to purchase machine, testing instruments and production workers, the whole process cost is generated by the connector into the production process cost.

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