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What are the Basic Points of Waterproofing in the Market?

- Jan 05, 2019 -

What are the Basic Points of Waterproofing in the Market?

At present, there are more and more manufacturers producing and processing waterproof lines in China. Of course, the processing technology and process gap between them are often very large in the quality gap formed in the market. Therefore, after each of the different brands of waterproof lines is launched in the market, what should be paid attention to in the process of customer selection? Still have to choose from the following aspects:


Waterproof process grade

When different manufacturers produce and process waterproof lines, they will still strictly check the level of their waterproofing process. Of course, the level difference generated is also very large. Only in the process of comparison, can we see the difference. It is still very big, and we can know the gaps and characteristics when we start using it. In the process of selling in the domestic waterproof material market, the selection and comparison of waterproofing process grades are all crucial, and it is also the key to directly affecting the market sales and brand advantages. In the process of comprehensive analysis, we can see each paragraph. The brand's waterproof process is not the same.


Corrosion resistance

First of all, the waterproof line is the selected LED material, so it is very strong in anti-corrosion performance, and the acid resistance is also very good. Only in this way can it be used for a longer and longer service life. It can be seen that the level of anti-corrosion performance will be higher and higher in normal times. In the electrical materials market, it is necessary to pay attention to the details of this aspect. The choices brought to customers are still worthy of recognition. When comparing the purchasing methods, it can be seen that the technical gap is still very large, and it needs to be known in the market.

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