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Waterproof push-pull connector is IP68-compliant

- Aug 27, 2018 -

The waterproof T-series can be connected to existing circular push-pull connectors on the market. The T-series features a one-piece collet for error-free installation and an optimised mechanism for reliable locking. This provides for higher mating cycles and, thanks to the special pin assignment for high-speed data transmission, the interference-free transmission of signals up to 10 Gbps. The new jack is housed in the same reduced installation space as the basic compact jack of the existing B-series, together with contact carrier and housing coding. The IP68 sealing not only has similar dimensions, but it also integrates the entire locking mechanism and ensures the reuse of the B-series insulators.

With the optimised cable sealing, the installation of the new waterproof connector is more robust, faster and less risky. The standard three or more ratchet hooks which provide support during installation have been reduced to two pieces and significantly extended, thanks to which high mating cycles can be achieved. The longer hooks provide the same coding as with the B-series.

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