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Waterproof Plug Makes Life Easier

- Jan 04, 2019 -

Waterproof Plug Makes Life Easier

The bathroom is available in every home and is where we often use waterproof plugs. Here is also the place where our two “families” have both water and electricity. The poor handling of the two will have serious consequences. The bathroom is also the one we use the most. We must also prevent some bears and children from getting things out at any time. The problem of safe use of electricity in the bathroom is something we must take special attention to, and how to deal with this thorny problem safely and effectively. Follow Xiaobian together to find answers for everyone.

Founded in 2007, Shenzhen Jianhong Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the development, production and sales of waterproof plugs, waterproof connectors, waterproof connectors, etc. Many of its products have reached the IP68 waterproof rating. 3C, RHOS and other certifications, waiting for the recognition of our customers, selling at home and abroad.

Today Xiaobian specially found Mr. Deng, the product production manager of our KENHON technology, to answer this question for everyone. In fact, it is not difficult to reduce these safety problems. First of all, we have to check the safety of hidden dangers in the usual inspection lines. Secondly, we usually have a good habit of safe use of electricity, especially in the bathroom, do not wet hands. Electric, pull plugs, etc., and finally the most important thing is that we can replace the plugs, wires, plugs, etc. used in the bathroom with waterproof ones, that is, waterproof plugs. The professional name in the industry is also waterproof connectors. The waterproof plug is simply a device that can be used normally even when immersed in water, especially in a place where the air in the toilet has a lot of water, which can effectively and effectively protect. There are a lot of waterproof plugs sold in the market. It is not difficult for everyone to choose a good one. If you are afraid of buying fakes, you can come to Shenzhen KENHON Technology. First of all, we can look for the answer from the waterproof rating of the product, which is IPXX. The highest waterproof rating is IP68. The choice of this product and the waterproof plugs are generally made of PVC or silica gel as insulation material. The needles inside are solid core needles. Special sealing treatment is adopted at the intersection of the needle or the hole and the insulating material to ensure the waterproof performance of the product and the thermal expansion and contraction of the waterproof plug and prolong the service life.

I have heard from Deng’s introduction that I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of how to safely use electricity in the bathroom, how to reduce safety risks, and no safety, no negligence.

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