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Waterproof Plug Affects Leading Lighting Products

- Nov 20, 2018 -

Waterproof Plug Affects Leading Lighting Products

Behind a complete product, there is always another process, and behind the product that satisfies customers with high reputation, it is more strict implementation of each process. As the customer's requirements for quality improve, the industry standard is standardized. Small details may also be the key to our success, including: materials, materials, accessories, processing technology, quality, etc.!

For example, LED wall washers, seemingly simple product requirements are also very high, only the various processes, the details are done in order to ensure the strong performance of the product, especially the waterproof plug part of the wall washer, if the waterproof performance is not up to standard, The quality is not up to standard, even if the quality of the wall washer is no better, it will increase the labor cost and material cost!

As the name suggests, the waterproof plug can meet the requirements of running in the water, ensuring normal operation under the condition of water, and stable transmission of power and signal. When selecting the waterproof plug, the user must check whether the waterproof level reaches ip65-ip68, whether it is resistant to high temperature. , low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, oxidation resistance.


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