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Waterproof joint safety general knowledge

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Nowadays there are many safety-critical cable-intensive locations where connectors are required and the role of the connectors in the automatic fire detection and alarm installation inside these enclosed channels is heavy. Many cable fuel supply systems are equipped with automatic fire alarm and locking device. The safety requirements for the joints in these locations must be high.

The connector market is also more popular than the dense water-tight fittings, which are usually made of flame-retardant materials with relatively high-density cables, their configuration, the required protection against rain and economical sales Advantages, so the waterproof joint fire rating is also relatively high.

Under normal circumstances, when we use the waterproof connector when using a small number of joints, you can consider the appropriate use of some fire-retardant coating and bag with the package connector. In many cases, the use of connectors in the same channel should pay attention to fire protection so that the connectors can also be effectively protected, thus prolonging their service life.

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