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Waterproof Effect of Colorless Transparent Nano Waterproof Coating on PCB Circuit Board

- Jan 21, 2019 -

Waterproof Effect of Colorless Transparent Nano Waterproof Coating on PCB Circuit Board

For electronic products, the most fear is that damage to the electronic components on the PCB after the moisture enters the interior is likely to cause a short circuit. Most of the waterproof electronic products on the market are blocked by waterproof technology, and the protection of the PCB is very weak. Once the seal fails, the product loses its waterproof ability. If it is not as good as blocking it, if we wear a raincoat on the PCBA of the product, it will completely protect the electronic components, and this raincoat will not affect the heat dissipation, and will not affect the normal conduction of the connector, the naked eye can not see, the surface is highly hydrophobic... Then the question comes, is there any such material, of course, there is E nano waterproof coating.

It is understood that the nano-waterproof coating is a colorless, transparent, non-toxic and safe, high-safety moisture-proof and moisture-proof liquid product. By soaking, a nano-film with a very good hydrophobic effect can be formed on the surface of the PCB circuit board to form a lotus leaf effect, which effectively reduces the surface energy, high hydrophobicity, and water droplets can slide down on the PCB board, which can effectively prevent electrons. The wading of components on the product PCB circuit board. So what is the waterproof effect of this coating?

When it comes to waterproofing, we should first understand the waterproof rating. The waterproof rating is usually expressed in IP, from 0 to 8, and the lower the waterproof rating, the worse the waterproof performance will be. Conversely, the higher the waterproof rating, the stronger the waterproof protection of the electronic product. In general, IPX6 and IPX7 are quite important watersheds. To be able to soak and soak water, you need to ensure that the product has the waterproof ability of IPX7. IPX6 can only protect against water such as sweat and rain. The waterproof grade of nano-waterproof coating can reach IPX7, which means that the mobile phone accidentally falls into the water. When rain, tea, milk accidentally spills into the mobile phone, or is brought into the bathroom, swimming pool, etc., there is no problem.

In addition, this product is very different from the commonly used three anti-paint and potting glue. In contrast, the three anti-paint is more difficult to dissipate the PCB and components, the conductivity is not good, and it may release toxic and harmful. Substance, which is more environmentally friendly and meets the requirements for health and safety. Because it is a nano-scale material, the coating formed by the naked eye is invisible to the naked eye, the heat dissipation performance is good, and the necessary conductivity is not affected, that is, it is soaked. It is not necessary to pre-block the connector when the PCB is used.

In summary, the nano-waterproof coating can maximize the waterproofness without affecting the body, thereby improving the quality and durability of the electronic products, and correspondingly reducing the after-sales cost, so it has a great development prospect. New waterproof material. E nano-coating products are ideal for applications in the anti-sweat and moisture-proof aspects of electronic products. Such as Bluetooth sports headphones, sweatproof, flexible keyboard waterproof, smart lock, sweeping robot, VR equipment, smart home products, smart watches, smart medical equipment, precision instruments, waterproof and moisture.

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