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Waterproof Connector that Customers Love

- Jan 16, 2019 -

Waterproof Connector that Customers Love

In order to ensure the long-term stable electrical and mechanical properties of the connector, the structure of the cable piercing clamp has been carefully designed. The shell and the waterproof sealing ring are formed by high-quality imported raw materials at one time, which can resist ultraviolet rays, humidity and temperature changes and erosion. . The inner conductive blade is made of imported special silver-plated copper alloy to ensure the best contact surface on the wire, and is suitable for copper-aluminum transition. The torque nut has a constant puncture pressure, which ensures effective contact with the wire. The wire is not damaged, and the internal insulating silicon grease is filled to ensure the thermal cycling state of the minimum contact resistance.

After years of market operation, Shenzhen Kenhon Technology has become a comprehensive service company with waterproof connectors, circular connectors, connectors and connectors. Tesca has always adhered to the service tenet of “Based on honesty and quality as the guideline”, and will transform the technical advantages, quality advantages and service advantages of circular waterproof connector products into user application advantages, which brand of users will be waterproof. Connector competition is always in the lead.

(2) When removing the wire coupling, carefully observe the coupling method of the coupling; firstly, the coupling should be disassembled when the locking spring is released or the buckle is pressed, and it is forbidden to pull the hard 拽When reassembling, the coupling should be inserted and locked in the opposite way.

BEIJING, April 10 (Xinhua) According to the China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network, Omnetics Connector Inc. of the United States has introduced the SureCon 360, a military-grade miniature high-reliability connector that can be used in harsh environments while taking into account both size and weight characteristics. The Omnetics Nano 360 Series connectors are available in 6, 11 and 16 positions for IP67 protection. With a hole spacing of 0.025 inches and a weight of 3.2 grams, the SureCon 360 can withstand 1 amp of current per contact and IP67 for water and dust. Through polarization and ergonomics, the SureCon 360 waterproof plastic connector can be connected or disconnected depending on the specific load to prevent damage to the device. This connector is also available in medical and standard grades.

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