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Waterproof Connector Performance Level Introduction

- Jan 05, 2019 -

Waterproof Connector Performance Level Introduction


The degree of protection of the waterproof connector is drafted by the IEC, which is referred to as IP in English, and classifies the performance level of electrical dustproof and moisture-proof characteristics.

Then classify the classification. The foreign objects referred to here contain tools. The palms, fingers, etc. of the person are not exposed to the live parts in the appliance to avoid electric shock.

The IP protection level is composed of two numbers. The first value represents electrical dust and the level of foreign matter entry. The second value indicates electrical moisture protection.

The degree of airtight entry, the higher the number, the higher the level.


 Waterproof connector performance standard


The first level is the dustproof level, which refers to the difference in the dustproof capacity of the appliance.

         0: There is almost no protection against dust or foreign matter, or there is no special protection specifically targeted.

         1: It can effectively prevent the intrusion of solids larger than 50mm. This grade is aimed at the parts of the human body because of accidental junctions.

         2: This level can prevent the intrusion of solids larger than 12mm, which is aimed at human fingers.

         3: Preventing the intrusion of 2.5mm solids, solids larger than 2.5mm will not intrude into the interior of the appliance.

         4: It can prevent tiny foreign objects larger than 1mm

         5: It can be dust-proof with a high degree of protection. The dust that can be invaded does not affect the normal operation of the appliance.

         6: Complete equation level, this level can completely prevent dust from entering the interior of the appliance.


The second level is waterproof and moisture resistant.

         0: As with dust, this level has almost no dust.

         1: This grade of waterproof performance can effectively prevent the intrusion of water droplets, and the water droplets dropped vertically will not have harmful effects on the electrical appliances.

          2: This grade is waterproof with an upgraded version that prevents drops from dripping at a 15 degree tilt.

          3: Preventing the intrusion of water from the spray level 3 increases the inclination of 2 to 60, almost impossible because the water drops

          4: It can prevent splashing water from falling into

          5: It is possible to prevent intrusion of water droplets in various directions.

          6: It can prevent large waves from invading. This level of protection is generally on board.

          7: Prevent the intrusion of water when immersed in water. Under certain water pressure, this level of protection can effectively ensure that the appliance does not enter the water.

          8: Prevent the intrusion of water when it is sunk. The appliance can be indefinitely sunk under a certain standard of water pressure to ensure that the appliance does not cause damage due to water ingress.

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