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Waterproof Connector Metal and Plastic Connector Difference

- Oct 05, 2018 -

Waterproof Connector Metal and Plastic Connector Difference

The waterproof connector is a new one that can perform well in various environments such as high temperature, high humidity, high vibration and high impact, while plastic connectors do not have these characteristics. Next, let me introduce you to the difference between the waterproof connector metal and the plastic connector.

1. Mechanical life: The mechanical life of the waterproof connector refers to the life of plugging and unplugging. The industry standard is usually specified as 500~1000 times. When the specified mechanical life is reached, the contact resistance, insulation resistance and withstand voltage of the waterproof connector are specified. The specified standard value should not be exceeded, which is not much different from the plastic case.

2. Electrical performance: rated voltage, rated current, contact resistance, insulation resistance, etc. according to the specified standard value, this metal is the same as the plastic casing.


3. Environmental parameters: Environmental parameters mainly include ambient temperature, humidity, temperature change, atmospheric pressure and corrosive environment. The waterproof connector is used and stored, and the environment in which it is transported has a significant impact on its performance. Therefore, it is better to select the corresponding metal casing according to the actual environmental conditions.


4. Termination method: The termination method refers to the connection method of the hardware contact parts of the waterproof connector male and female connectors and the wire and cable. The metal is the same as the plastic case. Comprehensive analysis, in addition to the need for joints with shielding, metal and nylon TA66 plastic shells have little difference in performance. Plastics have lower cost relative to metal casings and are more reasonable in structure.


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