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Waterproof connector features and use

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Waterproof connector features and use


With the development of modern power industry, wires and cables have been widely used in electric machinery and other fields. The extensive application of wire and cable led the application and development of LED waterproof connector. Outdoor cable connections are seen LED waterproof connector figure, in addition LED waterproof connector can also be used in a variety of outdoor appliances, machines and other connections. Why LED waterproof connector can be used outdoors, but not the impact of harsh environments? Here we analyze the characteristics of LED waterproof connector.

3+6 small waterproof wire connectors (2).jpg

LED waterproof connector connection is stable and reliable, but also to prevent vibration, easy to loose, to ensure the safety of the cable and other wires. LED waterproof connectors and low production costs, easy installation, easy to rust, aging is not easy, long life, to avoid maintenance trouble.


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